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Trecan’s Triple Bottom Line

1. Technical Leadership

Trecan is the industry leader in Snowmelter design and manufacture, worldwide.

Built to Last: Trecan Snowmelters have a typical lifespan of about 25 years. Some have been in operation for 40 years. These machines are more rugged, easier to service, and easier to keep clean than competing designs.

Powerful, Efficient Design: Trecan has the most thermally efficient design in the industry, with burner fuel conversion efficiency in the order of 98%, due to its low discharge flue gas temperature. Our distinctive design also provides better equipment security and ease of access for maintenance.

Remote Communications: Trecan is the only snowmelter manufacturer that provides a Remote Communications package. It allows both the Snowmelter owner and Trecan to remotely monitor its operation, and troubleshoot if necessary.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

More Cost-Effective Snow Management: Trecan Snowmelters can offer both snow contractors and facility managers substantial hourly savings over trucking snow. Both can earn an attractive financial return on their snow removal operations.

3. Superior Environmental Performance

Eco Efficiency: Because the Trecan submerged combustion process for melting snow is more energy efficient than competing designs, it generates lower CO2 per unit of melted snow.

Emissions Compliance: Trecan also uses the most environmentally compliant components. In an independent engineering study carried out for a major US airport authority, the burner and engines used in the Trecan Snowmelter were deemed Best Available Control Technology Design for NOx emissions.

Other Environmental Benefits: Our design also results in lower noise and less waste heat, and avoids significant unburned carbon.